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Choose Perfect Metal For Engagement Rings

Before you finally buy one of the spectacular engagement rings you have seen over a jewelry bench, pay attention to its metal. It is the metal and its various aspects that actually make the ring attractive and also give it a distinct look. Today, ring jewelry is manufactured in almost ...

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Choose a Vintage Ring for Your Engagement Ring

Everyone has different slopes when it comes to jewelry. There are people who love modern and stylish rings while others prefer the old and the ancient. If you are going to know that your future bride falls into the category, you can choose a vintage diamond engagement ring in winning ...

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How to Choose a Silver 925 Jewelry Manufacturer

Choosing to buy silver jewelry is a decision by itself. But when you decide to donate someone or get yourself a silver necklace or ring, you have to make the next step to get to know the various silver manufacturers who create beautiful silver jewelry whose purity is undoubtedly and ...

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How To Choose A Designer For Men's Designer Jewelery

When a customer wants to customize their jewelry or design their own pieces, he may wonder how to choose a designer. There are some ways to choose a creator of men's jewelry. Learning what to look for in a designer and in a company means finding the right match for ...

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Why Choose Artificial Jewelry?

Welcome to the world of high fashion where jewelry is a necessity in your wardrobe. One cannot find the cost of buying gold and diamonds on a whim. It is now the tournament of fashion jewelry, which makes "tsunami-like" waves through the world. The trendy and sophisticated jewelry looks amazing ...

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Why I Choose to Make "Soy" Candles

I always seem to get the question "How did you start making soy candles?" Yes, that's what many people ask me, and the real story is pretty funny. Having built up my accounting career (from pursuing an executive career), and working good hours with high stress, I needed a creative ...

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