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La rochelle necklace gold mixed metal

Summer 2019 in Los Angeles, California is going to be insanely HOT, so be sure to grab your iced coffee at Starbucks and your French Kande Jewelry. French Kande just released FK Petite, a completely brand new boho, dainty, and delicate collection of jewelry. This mixed metal necklace features our ...

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Choose Perfect Metal For Engagement Rings

Before you finally buy one of the spectacular engagement rings you have seen over a jewelry bench, pay attention to its metal. It is the metal and its various aspects that actually make the ring attractive and also give it a distinct look. Today, ring jewelry is manufactured in almost ...

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4 Things You Can Make With Metal Beads Besides Jewelry

Beads are one of the most varied craft items you can find and use to make all possible projects. Metals beads in particular add an interesting accent to any piece. Jewelry is not the only thing you can do with these amazing accessories. There are lots of projects you can ...

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Pewter Jewelry – An Ancient Metal For Beautiful Designs

Tin jewelry has gained popularity because the price of silver jewelry has gone up. They have a similar look at first glance. Tin is usually tin, a soft metal. It is alloyed in jewelry making and other uses with antimony or bismuth, hard and brittle metals. Previously, tin using lead ...

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